Interested in serving families and children in need?

Our next New Volunteer Orientation session will be:

July 24, 2019 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Orientation is for adult volunteers, but you may bring older children with you.

Before attending you must:

1) You must RSVP by emailing [email protected] or calling 808-548-7478. 

2) Complete volunteer form online (link below) or print and bring the completed form with you to orientation. Orientation is held at our Honolulu Day Center at 245 N. Kukui St. Suite 103 (Conference Room).

Our volunteer opportunities/needs are:

Slumber Party – provide overnight coverage at shelter site. Great for couples, friends, or individuals (21+). ***Our greatest need by far.

Keiki Play – come into our Day Center and engage in fun activities with the keiki in the center. Great for youth groups or clubs (16+).

Office Angel – answer phones and direct calls.  Great for individuals. (18+).

Family Dinner – with a small group or your ‘ohana, prepare and bring dinner to families in the emergency shelter program at their shelter site. *Please note financial costs

Donation Drive – within your community, group, congregation, friends or ‘ohana, conduct a donation drive for Family Promise by reviewing the greatest needs on our wishlist.

Please complete the volunteer form below OR download the volunteer form here and bring to orientation.

                      VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM

*By completing this form you acknowledge that while volunteering for Family Promise, you may gain access to personal information about guests, staff members, and/or other volunteers.  You understand and agree not to discuss or disclose any information pertaining to persons affiliated with Family Promise of Hawaii.  This includes keeping shelter sites confidential when they are sheltering families.  You hereby agree and recognize your responsibility to hold information in confidence pertaining to affiliated with the organization.  You understand that it may be necessary to disclose appropriate information to staff at any time. You also understand and agree to not take photos of any guests (families) while volunteering with Family Promise of Hawaii.

*By completing this form you give permission to Family Promise of Hawaii to obtain a “Criminal History”, “Sex Offender Registry” and a “Child Abuse or Neglect” check.  You understand that, if requested and obtained, this information will be reviewed only by Family Promise staff for the purpose of approving you as a volunteer.

*By completing the form you are stating you have no complaints nor allegations of any type of misconduct with a minor filed against you.  You also agree to never sexually, verbally, or physically abuse a child in any way while volunteering for Family Promise of Hawaii.

*By completing this form you are releasing Family Promise Hawaii and/or its agents, which provides information pursuant to this authorization, from any and all liabilities, claims, or lawsuits in regards to the information recovered from any and all of the sources used.