Before entering Family promise, we were staying in a place that was way too small. My little brothers had to sleep with me on my bed. My parents slept on the floor. When we got accepted into Family Promise we were proud. They provided us with a lot of things including storage for our belongings. We received food, clothing, and a roof over our heads. Not just that, there were a lot of great activities like Yoga and Zumba, one of my favorites. I remember volunteers from the Navy who spent quality time with us. We had a great time with outdoor activities like football, basketball and soccer.

Sleeping overnight at the congregations was like being blessed with goodness. We felt like important guests. Every place we stayed felt like home. Each family had their own private space and mostly our own beds to sleep on – CHEEHEE! They provided dinner and breakfast which we were all thankful for. The members of the congregations always greeted us and shared their life information, which is a good thing because it made us want to share our life information with them, too.

Family Promise showed my parents how to sign up for housing. They helped my parents save and manage our money. They helped me and my brothers with school supplies and even school work when we needed it.

When we got accepted into our own home, my parents were really happy because they had gone through so much searching. Before we moved in, Family Promise provided us with household items. People also helped us move our belongings.Living in our new home felt different. There was more space for everyone. We all have our own ROOMS, which is great because we have our own personal space. it’s my first time having my own room. I have always wanted one.

Without Family Promise and all the volunteers, my family and I wouldn’t have had a second chance to get back on our feet. My parents want me to mention how thankful they are and that they learned so much. Words cannot express or describe how truly grateful we are, but picture this: When we look up in the sky at night, all we see are millions of stars, right? That’s how much we love and are thankful for Family Promise and the workers and volunteers.