Thank you so much for creating a new start and for a chance to start thriving in a new life. This moment in our lives was the most crucial and most challenging for us, and yet we made it to our first steps with some guidance and the most help we have received since we came back to Hawaii. Things took a turn fast and before we knew it, we were in the one spot we never thought we would end up: homeless, eight months pregnant, and no family to help us. We didn’t know what to do. We called many shelters around the island, but every single one had a long waiting list. My husband finally came upon Family Promise and we were overjoyed to hear we could have a roof over our heads and food to fill our stomachs. Most importantly, our baby never had to live on the streets.

Once were were in the program, we were provided everything we needed from personal hygiene to baby stuff. Family Promise provided us a place to stay during the day and we were able to do laundry and cook meals. At the end of the day, we would have our dinner and sleep at various host sites. We had hot meals and a nice bed to sleep in every night without having to worry about the outside weather or bugs. We also had the opportunity to have a great Christmas for our baby. They gave us so many gifts if was hard to believe our eyes. From all those loving thoughts and going hands, we were able to find a place and received money to start our new life on a better path.

They provided us the time to save some money and helped pay our first month’s rent and deposit. Now that we have our own place, it’s refreshing and rewarding to be able to start anew with a new family addition and we are less worried about the future. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to thrive in this difficult time. Thank you for helping us get through burdens and many hardships that we could not ave fought ourselves. We will always feel blessed from everyone who helped us and we will never forget everyone who thought of us. We will never forget your kindness.