Before my family joined Family Promise, we were living in our car going around places trying to find a safe place to sleep at night. We’ll park the car and the kids will sleep in the car and I will just hang outside the car on a mat or a beach chair just to secure the area. It feels like those nights are long and everlasting. It feels like every beach and public park on the island is our home. The hardest part is where to go on weekdays. We would be scrambling to find restrooms and showers before we weren’t to school or work. It was tough. It was the cruelest two months of our lives, but I thank my kids for understanding the situation, and working together to strive forward.

Family Promise provided us with shelter, food, supplies, and clothing. Once we entered the program, we were so thankful to have a roof over us. I love the fact when we stayed overnight at host sites, they will provide us dinner, gifts, a place to sleep at night and they prepared our breakfast the next day. They even packed our lunches for the day.

Family Promise has been a great resource to me and my family. They provided us with everything so I don’t have to spend money on anything. They even taught us how to save money and make extra income. They also provided a list of housing that will fit our budget. They approved the district area where my kids can go to school.

I’d like to thank Family Promise and all the volunteers for their support and encouragement through our toughest times. We all have ups and down, but together we stand. Thank you very much to Family Promise and keep doing the great work you’ve done.